I’m Sorry

I’m tired of seeing these scandalous photos of you all blurred out and shit. If you gonna be like that you might as well say goodbye forever. I ain’t gonna deal with that, I have better things than to be stung on a constant basis. If this is what your idea of “you doing you” was, then go ahead and be single. I seen your clubbing & dancing pictures or whatever. You be telling me that this is for my sake, and that I apparently bounced back so quick; yet here you are dressing like this and flaunting yourself in such a manner. I guess this is my way of solidifying things and not being hurt over this anymore. I guess I’m just going to prepare myself for the worst and move on for good rather than waiting 6 weeks & seeing where things would take us.
That being said, I’m thankful for everything we had, and for everything that we could’ve had. The year I spent with you was the most important in my life thus far. I learned so much from you, and despite all the hurt that went around, I don’t regret a single moment. Although I still do believe our breakup was bullshit, that’s life for you. Stupid shit happens but we all just gotta find a way to build ourselves back up. Once you hit rock bottom you can only head up from there. You may have been right about both of us holding each other back, but that’s part of love—sacrificing some of your own happiness for the sake of your significant other. I cherish the rare moments we spent with each other where our emotions were just raw, we were so close we could see beneath each others skin. That is something I will never forget. You were a jewel to me, and I never let myself forget that. But even through all this strife, I guess things really weren’t meant to work out. I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong enough to deal with this part in our lives where we had to go off our own ways. I don’t know if not now, I could ever be with you again so this may be last note to you. I wish you the best of luck in your life, and that you may find someone who will make you happy & treat you right. You will always be a part of me, even if you’re not with me anymore. Thank you for the time we had together, I love you.

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Pretty flvcko 😜 #pbs #gold #chains #asvp #blackonblack #rolex #ootd #basedgod (Taken with Instagram)
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miss this
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Good shit
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Summer heeeaattt (Taken with Instagram)
LA, the City of Angels

Living here for the past couple of days has been amazing. There’s been so much to do compared to irvine it’s ridiculous. Parties, kickbacks, drinks, hookah bars, food, shopping, hiking, clubs (even though we couldn’t get in), and getting rolled by the cops lol. Summer 2012 <3

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Kbbq with tha girlfriend
Fucking pissed off

Might as well rant:

-Boring/slow texters are the worst. If you’re any of those i probably won’t even respond. but if you’re a bit special, i’ll just respond very late

-My mom pisses the shit out of me…she doesn’t know a single thing about me and yet she tries to steer my life 

-I get annoyed of people easily, sometimes they just don’t know when to shut up    

-I hate when people try to get up in my business when they barely know me

-Don’t try to get me jealous, and compete with me with trivial things

-I’m moving out of here as fast as I can

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My lover, my baby, and my sunshine &lt;3 
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damnn throwback. its been a whole year already!